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Everything you need to start weaving! With this high quality wooden loom and naturally hand-dyed British wool yarn, you'll enjoy creating beautiful, eco-conscious small or large weavings.

FIBRE PACK: 150g of assorted British wool yarn and roving, sourced and spun in the UK, then hand-dyed by me in Bristol using natural dyes (plant dyes / botanical dyes) to create these beautiful, variegated colours.
LOOM: small or large untreated beech wood lap loom with heddle bar, high-quality, German-made
WARP THREAD: 50 m of fine pure linen warp thread, 2/15 Nm (aka 15/2), made of flax grown in Northern France, then spun in Northern France, unbleached.
NEEDLES: Set of 6 assorted needles for weaving and finishing. Top quality, manufactured by Prym.

Please choose from the drop-down menu to choose between the just the fibre pack or the full kit with small or large loom options.


You can also buy the tools and linen warp thread separately - please check out these other products on my website under Shop>Tools. 

Full kit with large loom = 150g fibre pack, large loom, large shuttles, large bar heddle, comb, 6 needles, 50m of linen warp thread. 

Full kit with medium loom = 150g fibre pack, medium loom, medium shuttles, medium bar heddle, comb, 6 needles, 50m of linen warp thread

Full kit with small loom = 150g fibre pack, small loom, small shuttles, small bar heddle, comb, 6 needles, 50m of linen warp thread. 


Details of each item within the kit:


All sourced, spun, and dyed in the UK. 150g of wool in total, more than enough for the large loom, to give you flexibility with your creation. You could also make two smaller wall-hangings using the fibre pack and either the large loom (warping a narrower section) or the small loom. If you want to make an extra-long fringe (longer than approx. 20cm), you may need more yarn. In this case, please contact me and we can discuss which one you'd like more of.

  • 6 naturally dyed colours in a mix of aran-weight woollen-spun Shetland, aran-weight worsted-spun Bluefaced Leicester, or bulky Jacob yarn- 10g of each colour (Aran: approx. 16 m per colour; Bulky: approx 6-7m per colour)
  • Cream bulky Jacob sheep's wool yarn - 15g (approx 9.5 m)
  • Grey bulky Jacob sheep's wool yarn - 15g (approx 9.5 m)
  • Cream aran-weight Shetland sheep's wool yarn - 15g (approx 26 m)
  • Grey DK-weight Shropshire/Herdwick sheep's wool yarn - 15 g (approx 33 m)
  • Cream roving - Shetland sheep's wool - 15g (approx 2 m)
  • Grey roving - Shetland sheep's wool - 15g (approx 2 m)

All my yarns are non-superwash (meaning that unlike a lot of yarns, they haven't been treated with bleach and synthetic resin to make them felt-resistant). Wash in cold, pH-neutral soap. Dry away from direct sunlight. Store / hand away from direct sunlight. 

Please note that the linen warp thread is not included in the fibre pack / yarn bundle. You can buy this separately.


German-made high-quality lap loom with heddle bar, making it much faster for plain weave. The slot bars are nicely grooved and rotatable, making it easier to tension your weaving, as well as to take it off at the end. The slot bars are removable, allowing you to make a much longer weaving if desired. Comes with two weaving shuttles, which make it faster to weave, even if you've got several colours on the go. The smooth comb makes it easy to beat down your rows of weaving.

  • Large loom:
    • External dimensions: 33 cm (W) x 46 cm (L) x 3 cm (H, not counting bar heddle)
    • Weaving area dimensions: 27.5cm (W) x 38 cm (L, although this can be made much longer if you put the warping bar far away, then roll it up)
  • Medium loom:
    • External dimensions: 30.5 cm (W) x 39 cm (L) x 2.2 cm (H)
    • Weaving area dimensions: 24 cm (W) x 33 cm (L, although this can be made much longer if you put the warping bar far away, then roll it up)
  • Small loom:
    • External dimensions: 26 cm (W) x 35 cm (L) x 2 cm (H)
    • Weaving area dimensions: 19 cm (W) x 29 cm (L, although this can be made much longer if you put the warping bar far away, then roll it up)

If you warp one thread per slot, you will get a 3wpi cloth (ideal for children). If you warp twice per slot, it will give you 6wpi. I cover both my YouTube tutorial. You can also achieve in-between spacings, although this is more advanced.

Please note that this does not come with written instructions. I have released a free warping tutorial video. I am working on making more video tutorials. Please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube (@ro.dyeworks on all of those) to be alerted when the video(s) go(es) live.


Fine French linen thread, 2/15 Nm (sometimes written as 15/2), very strong and smooth. Flax sourced in Northern France as well as spun in Northern France.
This will come wound on a recycled cardboard bobbin, albeit with more thread on it than pictured.
This warp thread is the natural undyed grey-beige colour. If you'd like a different colour, I can custom-dye this for you - please contact me at .


A high-quality Prym set of 6 needles: weaving needle, packing needle, mattress needle, tapestry needle (aka wool needle or smyrna rug needle), leather needle, upholstery needle.